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Open Wide Ankle Spreader Bar and Cuffs

Open Wide Ankle Spreader Bar and Cuffs

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Open Wide Ankle Spreader Bar and Cuffs: Step Up Your Playtime Game!

Hey there, adventurous souls! 🌟 Ready to elevate your intimate moments and explore new horizons? Dive into a world of playful excitement with our Open Wide Ankle Spreader Bar and Cuffs! Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newbie curious to spice things up, this product promises a blend of style, function, and comfort.

Some Quick Benefits to Tickle Your Fancy:

  • Sturdy Yet Lightweight: No worries about this bar dragging you down (unless you're into that 😉).
  • Versatility: With so many spreader bar positions to explore, every night can be a new adventure.
  • Comfortable Cuffs: Made with soft PU leather, they’re gentle on your skin but mean in the game!
  • Adaptable: Mix and match how you want. Use the cuffs separately or with the bar – your playtime, your rules.

What's the deal with this leg spreader bar? Fashioned from chrome plated steel, this bad boy gleams with a shine that's not only stylish but also promises strength. Don't let the metal fool you; it's lightweight and effortless to handle. And at 50cm long, it's the perfect length to maintain a tantalizing balance between restraint and play. So, those spreader bar positions you've always been curious about? Now's the time to experiment!

Let's Talk Ankle Cuffs: Attached to this brilliant bar are two irresistible ankle cuffs crafted from light PU leather. Soft, adjustable, and utterly comfortable, these cuffs boast a full length of 29cm, with adjustability ranging from 23cm to 29cm in circumference. This means they're perfect for most sizes. Not too tight, not too loose, just snug enough to make things interesting. The cherry on top? They each come with a metal loop and cute little locks to ensure a secure fit, and hey, they look super chic!

Mix and Match: What makes this bondage spreader bar stand out even more? The metal loops on both ends of the bar! They're perfect for cuffing the ankle cuffs securely. But, hold your horses; the fun doesn’t end there. The beauty of these cuffs is in their versatility. Want to use them without the bar? No problem! They can swing solo for those moments when you're feeling a tad bit experimental.

In the world of spreader bars, our Open Wide Ankle Spreader Bar and Cuffs is the crème de la crème. With its blend of durability, style, and function, it's an essential addition to any adventurous collection.

So, if you've ever been curious about the intriguing world of spreader bars or just looking to add some fun accessories to your collection, look no further. With the Open Wide Ankle Spreader Bar and Cuffs, you're not just getting a product; you're opening the door to countless nights of excitement and pleasure.

Ready to put those spreader bar positions to the test? Add this to your cart and let the adventures begin! 🌟🔐🎉


  • Includes: 1 Spreader bar and 2 ankle cuffs
  • Bars: Chrome plated metal
  • Cuffs: PU Leather
  • Bar length: 50cm with 2 rings at each end
  • Ankle cuffs full length: 29cm Cuffs adjustable from 29cm to 23cm

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