How to clean your sex toys the right way

How to clean your sex toys the right way

How do I clean my sex toys? This is a question that many people ask, and it's one that many people don't know how to answer. However, cleaning your sex toys is actually a lot easier than you might think. Maintaining your dildos, vibrators, masturbators, butt plug or any other sex toy is an important part of your overall health. Just like your teeth need to be flossed and your gums need to be brushed, your sexual equipment needs regular cleaning too. In this blog post, we'll explore the basics of cleaning your sex toys and provide some tips to help you clean them quickly and thoroughly. Keep reading to get started!

How to clean your sex toys with water

Cleaning sex toys with water is a great way to keep them looking and performing their best. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Be sure to use warm water and a gentle soap.
  2. Make sure to scrub the toy clean with circular motions, focusing on the areas that tend to collect debris.
  3. Finally, dry the toy thoroughly before storage. This will help prevent mold and bacteria from growing.

How to clean your sex toys with toy cleaner

Sex toy cleaner is a great way to keep your sex toys clean and free from bacteria and fungus. The cleaner is formulated to remove all traces of bacteria, oil, and dirt from your sex toy, leaving it feeling smooth and silky. Here's how to use it:

  1. To clean them, first make sure that you have a antibacterial sex toy cleaner that specifically designed for sex toys. These cleaners are designed to kill bacteria and remove all traces of bacteria and dust.
  2. Make sure that the toy is completely dry before cleaning it. Wet sex toys are much harder to clean and can cause damage if not cleaned properly.
  3. Once your toys are dry, apply the sex toy cleaner to the areas that you want to clean. Wipe the toy down in a circular motion, being sure to get into all the nooks and crannies.
  4. Once the cleaner has been applied, take a clean cloth and wipe the toy clean.
  5. Make sure to remove all the cleaner residue before storing it away.

How to properly clean silicone toys

Silicone sex toys are notorious for being difficult to clean, but with a little know-how, they can be cleaned relatively easily.

  1. Silicone sex toys can be washed with a sex toy cleaner or warm water and a gentle/mild soap.
  2. Make sure to scrub all the areas where the silicone is sticky or has built up on it.
  3. After washing them, you need to dry them off completely. You can either air dry them or put them in a low-heat dryer.
  4. Make sure to keep silicone toys away from direct sunlight or heat, as both of these can cause them to break down.
  5. Instead, store them in a cool, dark place where they will be safe from damage.

How to store sex toys properly

When it comes to sex toys, it's not only important to keep them clean and safe. Here are a few tips for storing your sex toys safely and effectively.

  1. Sex toys are stored in a cool, dry place. This will help them retain their shape and prevent them from becoming brittle or damaged.
  2. Sex toys should be stored in a dry place, preferably in a storage bag. This will help to protect them from dust and other debris that might be in the air.
  3. Sex toys are stored in a way that is accessible when you need them. If you store them in a drawer, make sure that the drawer is locked so that children or other unauthorized individuals cannot access them.
  4. Sex toys are stored in a way that is discreet. If you're storing them in a drawer, try to choose a drawer that is out of the way but still easily accessible for when you need them.

What is the best way to clean your sex toys?

Sex toys can get dirty fast, and often times, the best way to clean them is with warm water and a mild soap. However, sometimes soap and water just won't cut it. In those cases, you'll need to use a adult toy cleaner.

The best sex toy cleaners come in a variety of different formulas, and each one is designed to clean specific types of sex toys. Some cleaners work well on silicone toys, others work well on latex toys, and still others are designed to clean both types of toys.

Before using a toy cleaner, make sure to read the instructions carefully. Some toy cleaners are abrasive and can damage the surface of your toy. We’re glad to say, All the sex toy cleaners sold at Playroom Essentials are body safe and non abrasive, yay!

Once you’re done cleaning your toys, store them in a dry place where they will not be exposed to any moisture or dust. This will help keep them in their best condition and make them easier to use.


We hope you can agree, cleaning your sex toys isn't as difficult after all. Your dildos, vibrators, and butt plugs will last longer and be healthier if you don't neglect them. So if you’ve recently been thinking about getting a new sex toy (or if you’re just looking to clean up your old one), we hope these tips and techniques will be helpful.

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