Sex Toys: The Ultimate Guide

Sex Toys: The Ultimate Guide

It’s been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic started, and it has touched all of us in some way. Having to adapt to all these new restrictions on public gatherings, keeping to social distancing rules and working from home may have left most of us feeling deprived of human touch. Chances are, the stress and anxiety from it all may have left your sex life in shambles. Single people going through a dry spell or couples looking to spice up their relationship can take a break from it all and create their own fun.

Sex toys can be a wonderful way to get to know yourself and your partner better. Designed to enhance your pleasure by intensifying your orgasms, they’re a great tool to level up your solo sessions or connect with your partner. Choosing the best sex toy for you and your partner is half the fun. Try to involve your significant other in the discussion about adult toys to make it fun. Make sure that both of you are comfortable with the toy and keep communication lines open while using it. Not sure where to start or how to find a great fit for you? Here’s our guide to help you decide which toy is best for you.

1. Vibrators

Sometimes referred to as massagers, they have little built-in motors that send pulsating waves to stimulate pleasure. Our vibrators are mostly made of silicone and come with multiple vibration modes to switch between. Have a look at our vibrator collection to find your perfect match from N$99.00.

2. Dildos

The classic penetrative sex toy… Choose between a realistic silicone penis with a suction cup for some hands-free fun or go with a double penetration silicone dildo for some girl-on-girl action or pegging. Check out our dildos from N$199.00..

3. Anal Toys

The anal region is rich with nerve endings that can result in deep, intense orgasms when stimulated. Our anal plug training sets are designed to help you prepare for penetration and the anal beads are a great option for massaging your rectum. For as low as N$79, find an anal toy that works for you.

4. Masturbators

Sometimes referred to as a fleshlight, pocket pussy or stroker, our masturbator has soft, skin-like material for your pleasure. The inside of the toy is designed to match the feel of a vaginal canal or tongue and throat areas. For N$349, choose from the manual or vibrating masturbatorto increase your stamina for more explosive orgasms.

5. Penis/ Cock Rings

If you're looking for a stronger erection naturally, or would enjoy something small to delay ejaculation, try one of our stretchy silicone cock rings starting at N$69. Sometimes referred to as a penis ring or a shaft ring, it can be worn around the base of the penis to restrict blood flow and enhance the appearance.


Our soft and flexible sex toys are made from phthalate-free TPR, TPE and PVC. For those with sensitive skin, silicone toys would be a better option. We also have ABS - which is durable, non-toxic plastic - and metal toys. These can all be cleaned using warm water with mild or antibacterial soap, then dried and stored safely.

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